Enrolling in ZashPay

There are two ways to become part of the ZashPay network: through your bank's website if they participate, or through zashpay.com.

We’ve compiled this easy, step-by-step description of our enrollment process and why ZashPay requires the information you’ll be asked to provide:

ZashPay account information

Account Information

We begin by asking you to provide the routing and account numbers for your payment account. If your bank offers ZashPay to its customers, you’ll be directed to your bank's website and asked to sign in to your account at your bank’s website.

  • We ask for this information up front so we can route you immediately to your bank for your convenience
  • This is the account into which money will be deposited and from which money will be withdrawn when you send and receive money via ZashPay
  • You can only use payment accounts with check writing privileges. For example, checking, DDA and money market accounts are accepted, but credit and debit cards are not (unless they are tied to an account with check writing privileges)

If your bank is not currently part of the ZashPay network, you will be prompted to continue the enrollment process on zashpay.com.

Don't know your account's routing number? Contact your financial institution to find out what it is. Look up your financial institution's contact information on the Federal Reserve site.

Availability of ZashPay by state and territory

Availability by state

You must have a U.S.-based checking account and a U.S. street address to use ZashPay. ZashPay is available in all 50 states, but restricted in the territories. We will ask for your state of residence to ensure ZashPay is available. If you live in an area where ZashPay is restricted, you may still be able to receive money that has been sent to you, but you cannot send money with this service.

Steps taken to verify your ZashPay account


After you've completed the enrollment form, we will verify your information. This ensures the highest possible safety and security of your account transactions.

Your information is secure, and your credit will not be affected whatsoever. Your privacy is our utmost concern, and these measures help us ensure that you are the only person with access to your accounts.
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That's it!

You only have to enroll once to start using ZashPay. Once your identity and banking information have been verified, your service enrollment is complete and you can start sending and receiving payments in as little as one business day!